I am trying to access my child's account via ExpressPay Cafe-online. What do I need?

To access your child's account you will need the student's social security number (last four numbers), birthdate, and student ID number.

How do I obtain my child's student ID number?

For security purposes, only your child's campus can release the ID numbers. Please contact your child's school.

Where can I obtain Free & Reduced Lunch forms/applications?

The district distributes applications at the beginning of the school year in student information packages. The forms are also available prior to the beginning of school at the NISD Food Service Office. After that, the applications are made available at each school's front office and at the NISD Food Service office. Forms are available in English as well as Spanish.

Can I give you my income over the phone to qualify for Free & Reduced?

Per Texas Department of Agriculture guidelines, all information must be obtained via the provided Free & Reduced application form and processed electronically to verify qualifications. You may be asked to submit proof of income with the application.

I am planning to visit my child and bring McDonald' s or pizza for his lunch. Can I bring some for his friends?

No, Texas School Nutrition Policy does not allow this.

What are Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV)?

FMNVs are foods that the school may not serve to students at any time during a school day. These include: soda waters; carbonated beverages (including those with added nutrients); water ices (popsicle) with the exception of those with real fruit or fruit juices; chewing gums; candies (jellied candies, gums, licorice, spun candy, or candy-coated items).